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INP Political Risk provides specialized research products for individuals, corporations, governments, and multilateral and non-governmental organization on key political, social, and business trends in the Asia-Pacific.


In addition to customized consulting for clients, INP Political Risk is committed to increasing public understanding and informing political debates with innovative policy solutions.  INP policy experts provide unbiased analysis for the public via occasional briefings, newspaper commentaries, and policy memo publications.  INP also hosts several conferences, seminars, and events held throughout the year to further this aim.

Focus Areas

​Political Development 


The Asia-Pacific is fraught with complex issues that pose formidable obstacles to to cooperation. Sources of tension include the rise of nationalism, rapidly evolving domestic political landscapes, interpretations of history, territorial disputes, and the memories of past aggression.  To make sense of these complex issues (and others), INP provides in-depth research and analysis on political developments that affect government-to-government relations and foreign investment in the region.  


​Security Policy

INP also provides periodic analysis and reports on the evolving security situation in the Asia-Pacific. INP examines difficult regional problems and issues, such as nuclear proliferation in North Korea, territorial disputes in critical sea lanes, and military trajectories and developments in Japan and China, among many others.  Drawing on experts from a wide range of disciplines and nationalities, INP provides an unbiased and objective perspective and potential solutions to these pressing challenges.

​Economic and Market Trends 


Home to the first, second and third largest economies in the world and a rapidly expanding middle classthe Asia-Pacific region is integral to the health of the global economy.  INP assesses political-economic developments, including domestic and international policies, free trade agreements, and over-the-horizon strategic planning in an increasingly integrated global economy to ensure our clientele is ready for risks and challenges, as well as opportunities, they will face.   

Energy and Environmental Policy 


The experts at INP offer insights into and solutions for energy and environmental issues and policy affecting the Asia-Pacific.  While climate change has a global impact,  the economic growth and development of many countries in this region will be especially  hard hit by changes in emissions and other energy and environmental policies.  

Health Policy 


The scope of INP's services on health policy includes a comprehensive analysis of the domestic market for health products and an assessment of global health initiatives.  While INP domestic reports are tailored for healthcare and cosmetic industry clientele in South Korea, China, and Japan seeking to enter regional healthcare products market, our international reports focus on global health initiatives and areas needing greater attention, in particular those that involve  humanitarian assistance for multilateral and non-governmental organizations.

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